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As cute as this puppy is, and aside from a few tricks you might teach it, the only valuable asset it possesses is its ability to demonstrate “unconditional love.”

While the same can be true for kids, there are some kids that are burdened with health challenges that make them even more special. It is amazing how kids have overcome incredible challenges to become exceptional adults. It goes beyond amazing how these special kids are able to adapt to incredibly difficult circumstances at an age famous for the absence of challenges.

We as adults, cannot let them endure these challenges on their own.  We owe it to them to be there with them in their diffcult times. Of course, we cannot always be there as we have our own lives and families to support. But we can be with them by helping get them better.

Better is not limited  to healthier.  Better includes their state of mind during their difficult time.

Philo-Kids is a program that brings these special kids an appreciation of the arts and music. The same arts and music that our schools have been removing from their programs, as non-essential.  Appreciation of arts and music is appreciation of humanity as the alternative to savagery.

Kindly, join with us in our own unconditional love. Together, let’s ensure regular visits by artisans and musicians to these special kids in our hospitals. Visits that will open a world outside of their circumstance and even utilize their creativity in participating in the arts.

© 2017 The Protognosis Institute
About the Background
Meet Henry! He was quite tentative on Jan 19, 2013. He was only three weeks old then, when he figured out how cute he is.